Barefoot With A Cause

The infamous article-

It’s unfortunate that this guy let his fun go too far. He probably could have had a halfway decent reference letter.


2 thoughts on “Barefoot With A Cause

  1. Wow…what you see on the metro!! That was a hoot! And he is part of our government?! Yep! I feel better! lol! Made me and The Sweetheart LaughOutLoud tonight 🙂 I posted a reply to your comment on my picture tonight but I’m not sure anyone sees those unless they sign up to receive follow-up comments, anywho…I just said thanks and how much I love the picture too. And how glad I was you were able to go to the Holocaust Museum! And that while I was overseas I made a trip to Auschwitz! It was quite difficult…not a pleasure trip for sure 😦 but glad we were able to go.

    Blessings sweet friend! You are so cute on your vlogs!!

    • Haha, I am glad you found it just as amusing as I did. I did see your comment! It took me a day or so, but I figured out how to follow comments instead of sending a message to your inbox. 🙂

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